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Confused Diplomacy

by on October 23, 2013


الدبلوماسية الحائرة !!

In an unprecedented step which is shocked the diplomatic community Saudi Arabia turned down a coveted seat on the United Nation Security Council until it is able to effectively  perform its duties and responsibilities in maintaining international peace and security (Reuters, 2013).  By refusing to take a seat in the Security Council the Saudi regime is expressing the utmost resentment against U.S. policies in the face of the Syrian regime and about the rapprochement between the West and Iran.


Saudi Arabia has justified its refusal for multiple reasons including; the absence of action from the Security Council for the use of chemical weapons in Syria, failure of the UN in finding a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the inability of the Council to make the ​​Middle East free of weapons of mass destruction.  Saudi condemned what it calls “double standards” of the Council in the middle east.  Contrary to what is been said, the Saudi Kingdom is moving from quiet diplomacy pursued by the traditionally clear diplomacy “which clearly reflects their interests.

The move came after the Saudi government was surprised by the latest developments in the Middle East. These included when the U.S. President decided to backtrack on bombing Syria, engaging in talks with the Syrian regime as well as Syria accepting to put its’ chemical arsenal under international supervision which extinguished the last hope for the Saudi regime and their allies in getting rid of the of Bashar al-Assad and his regime by a  U.S. military strikes which would have helped rebel forces gain the upper hand and eventually topple the regime in a similar way Libya was liberated.


During the meetings of the General Assembly of the United Nations the Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal refused to speak from the podium which was considered a clear sign of displeasure from the Kingdom to the United States in particular and not to the United Nations specifically.  The Saudi diplomacy showed it was very disturbed by the convergence of Iran and the United States which could resolve the differences between them.


The steady progress between Iran and the 5 +1 group has made the Saudi regime displeased with the Americans and the Europeans because any agreement between Iran and the United States and the European Union will eliminate the last hope for the Saudis to play a major role in the region.However, even though the Americans are aware of the Saudi position and despite the US’s need for the regime in terms of political stability and selling arms and resource procurement, it appears the US has a little interest in keeping the Saudi regime happy as the US could be  the world’s largest single producer of oil and natural gas this year.

John Kerry, Mohammad Javad Zarif, Catherine Ashton

After years of hostility the Americans and the West has realized Iran is a big country and has a major role and destiny in the region of the Middle East.  This explains why they are entering into talks with Iran to resolve existing differences. It should be argued that the Saudi regime should be more balanced and prudent when the United States agendas do not match with their regional interests.  Furthermore it is in the interest of the Saudi regime to improve its own ties with Iran through cooperation which will ensure stability and security for all countries in the region.









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  1. How ironic, for Saudi Arabia to use the word ‘Double standard’ in relations to the US and UN. current affairs of Saudi Arabia clearly states that they should be the last ones to condemn any nation in regards to right diplomacy when in reality they have been breaching most of it, not being accountable and getting away with it just because ‘they are an oil reach country’. I share your observation on the real reason of why the Saudi regime is displeased with the Americans and the Europeans, is ‘ because any agreement between Iran and the United States and the European Union will eliminate the last hope for the Saudis to play a major role in the region.”. the Saudi is upset with the world for not getting its way as usual. double standard!

  2. It seems that Saudi Arabia just felt like left behind so they had to something to show that they were still there. If they did take their seat at the Security Council it would force them to act in way contravening to their own position and interest. As Saudi Arabia aided the Syrian rebels, they hoped that USA would lead a strike on President Assad forces in Syria. However Russia stepped in with their plan and the Saudi plan was ‘destroyed’. Then the U.S. suddenly changed their attitude toward Iran and Saudi’s felt left alone. Having refused the UN Security Council seat, it looks like Saudi Arabia is attempting to reaffirm its place in the Arab world. Its allies in the Arab League and counties like Bahrain, Qatar, etc. have publicly backed the Saudi move. As Chief Prince Bandar bin Sultan indicated, there would be a major shift in the relations with the USA. We shall wait to see what is coming.

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