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celebrity diplomacy

by on December 1, 2013

The superstar such as Bono, Bill Gate and Angelina Jolie,  George Clooney to get access to globe politic  is becoming increasing they influence are recognizable  by the International affair community Through their activism on the globe level a self select  superstar started to have a significant on policy shaping the world on range international humanitarian.Bill Gate foundation is donate at least five percent each year .which is equivalent to $3.5 billion each year.  After he left 2008 left as position Chairman of Microsoft to work but he now work  full-time for the foundation, which he and his wife partner.Angelina Jolie has become one of the most famous person on humanitarian activist UNHCR she been    more than twinty countries and make donation to contributions through the Jolie-Pitt foundation. After her good deed’s she named  UNHCR A good will Ambassador and since then, she has become a determined fund  raiser and campaign for refugee causes. She’s Contributor and a Looking after Representative for Refugees With her husband Brad pitt, the Oscar-winning celebrity has contributed one million to UNHCR for Sudan’s Darfur area. She  lobbies government  on behalf of refugees.

Celebrity played a big role in wider societies on national and international level. For example  Kony 2012 in Uganda the document released was 30min horrific aims to put on the militia leader on the spotlight. The film include 20 celebrities in which spotlighting directly about the child soldiers. All stars and athletes such as Oprah winfrey and all others campaign against Kony Hyenas act. Bieber asked his 18million followers on to come together to make STOPKONY. This celebrity got louder voice and they voice will always spread quickly with social media.

As is clarified in the movie, Kony and his militia are well known for abducting kids to battle as military and experience as sex slaves, and for mutilating their sufferers. The  video was shocking and to keep up pressure .

The Kony 2012 video documentary required military to expended in order to catch LRA leader Joseph Kony but then got arrest by police at the end of 2012, and bring him before the International Criminal Court (ICC).  Despite the collaboration between U.S. special force but Ugandan, and other army’s  in the region to find Kony it will be very hard to have find him .

very much so there is not too many celebrities that really think they can issue on Israel Palestine or North Korea-South The southern aspect of southern korea. Most of them select a issue place that does not get as much attention. Probably in some techniques they are the more protected issues. For example, it’s very difficult for people to criticize celebrities getting involved on healthcare issues.


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  1. Again, like you other post on the blog, there are some problems with spelling and grammar which you need to address (for example, it is Bill Gates, not Gate). In terms of the content, the post would be much more successful if you could develop a particular line of argument and explore it in some detail through the discussion of a small number of case studies. The last issue you raise (about celebrities being shy of addressing issues such as Israel-Palestine – look at the criticisms Scarlett Johansson and Roger Waters encountered when they recently spoke out on this issue, on behalf of Israel and the Palestinians respectively). The selectivity of their activities would make a very good theme for a post. As it stands, the post just presents a general overview of the issues.

    In terms of factual content, there were no celebrities in the Kony 2012 video (aside from George Clooney asking that human rights abusers be made as famous as he is, which was not recorded for the video) – it simply stated an ambition to enlist 20 leading celebrities.

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