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Basketball Diplomacy

by on December 1, 2013

http:// Chicago bulls and NBA star Dennis Rodman has got allot to say to visit to North Korea, after he got invitation by the Kim jong Un’s on his birthday party. As the relation with autocratic and Denis develop with basketball diplomacy. Kim Jong Un’s is a young leader an great fan of Chicago bulls team. The Rodman said during his short visit with Kim’s newly family, 1st foreign visitor to hold their newborn daughter. Furthermore he uncommon the connection between Rodman and Northern Korea’s leader but he’s hoping to be the coaching the North Korea basketball team on Olympic 2016 and Rodman called basketball diplomacy, he announce the flowing visit on the 14 Dec to Pyongyang  along other basketball player from the United States to North Korea. The relationship is quite unusual between the dictator leader the former NBA player Rodman were criticized for his growing  relation with Kim after he urge US president to sit down and talk with autocratic leader.

Who has larger abuse of human right and always on threat on nuclear war again US and alliance such as South Korea. The ruthless leader with his loving of the game basketball is what brought Rodman into the stage of political arena, after they developed their friendship, Rodman called him “the marshal” as he rarely referred his name to kim. Although he refuse to talk about any politic but he compared kim jong un private island like Hawaii or Ibiza, with tide security, also describe the young leader different compare to his father Kim Jong-il and Kim ll-sung and willing to cooperate but the white use .

“I’ve said this to him,” Rodman said when asked if these issues arose during the trip. “I said, ‘Your grandfather and your father did some bad things,’ I said, ‘but you are trying to change something.”

The Rodman believe it a chance of opportunity with North Korea the defensive player from Chicago bulls known as bad boy and also with relationship with Madonna, he claims that his not doing this for that money but open a gap between North Korea and International community.

To conclude its a possible that agreement can reach if this sort of basketball diplomacy works as it did as the past with chine ping pong diplomacy in which credited with US normalizing relations.The Untied states table tennis team was in Nagoya in 1971 for the Thirty first World Tournament on Apr 6 when they received invitation to visit China. From the early decades of the people Republic sport had performed an important part in diplomacy, Friendship First, Competitors Second. During the isolationist years sport were among the few PRC national who were permitted to travel. On Apr 10, 1971, the team and associated with reporters became the first United States delegation to set foot in the China since 1949.


MacMillan, Margaret (2008). Nixon and Mao: The Week That Changed the World. New York, NY: Random House Digital, Inc. p. 179. ISBN 978-0-8129-7057-9


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  1. Hi,
    After reading your post I’m not sure that basketball diplomacy will work between North Korea and America. For me it seems that the North Korean Dictator is only seeking to use the power of sport to his diplomatic and power objectives. If we go bit far we can even compare Kim Jong Un to Hitler and his Olympic games in 1936. It looks like Kim Jong Un is only trying to get positive image in the eyes of the North Korean people. The state propaganda is helping by doing its best; putting articles describing Rodman’s admiration and respect for Kim. On the other side I must agree that the sports diplomacy did work between China and USA in 1971. It seems that sport diplomacy can be used as a force for good as well as for bad.

  2. Thank you for your thoughts on this subject. It is certainly an interesting case of celebrity or sports diplomacy, especially because Rodman (not The Rodman) appears to have acted completely independently. However, there are a number of things you need to address when revising this blog entry for inclusion in your portfolio for submission:

    – Use of sources: Most of the final paragraph is copied from the Wikipedia entry on ping pong diplomacy ( and there are other passages which include unacknowledged quotations (such as Rodman’s nonsensical claims about opening a gap between North Korea and the international community). Please make sure that all quotations are properly identified and referenced.

    – Standard of grammar and spelling: there are many typographical and grammatical errors (e.g., names with lower-case first letters). Please use the spelling correction device on Word before submitting this work.

    – Finally, the post would be much better if you developed a clear point or line of argument. It is a fairly descriptive piece, setting out what happened. What are the broader implications? Does the episode tell us anything about the limitations or dangers of citizen diplomacy?

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