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Celebrities diplomats, and Africa in all this?

by on April 11, 2014

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Celebrities diplomats, and Africa in all this?

The entry of African celebrities in politics is by no means a ‘fait divers’. Better than that, it is historical moments that are part of the quest for a “New Order National and African. Sports stars and music invade the political arenas. Liberian George Weah, the Senegalese Youssou Ndour burned politeness politicians to confront them on their own ground. Previously, the Congolese Joseph Kabasele sang with conviction and commitment to self-determination of Congo-Leopoldville, national unity and pride to be Congolese.

Youssou N'Dour performs at a concert called

The lead singer Youssou Ndour, 52 years. The artist with 20 albums is not the first celebrity from the world of entertainment (movies, music or sport) to engage in politics. He declared himself a candidate for the Presidency of the Republic in his country’s presidential in February 2012. Professional musician by trade, Youssou Ndour has become a big businessman, relying on an extensive network of media. It clearly displays its ambitions to its multinational group. Also, he believes that his candidacy is a patriotic duty “to do a better gift of self.” The first statements of Youssou Ndour are highly significant. They are both personal and social expression,a state of mind of any progressive man, an inventory of a nation. Finally, an event that precedes and accompanies any momentum change to break the status quo, diversify sources of progress. Before Youssou Ndour, another celebrety took the same decision. This is the Liberian George Weah, god stadiums and ball. While his country was torn by fratricidal war of the fiercest, he fully occupied the national football team of Liberia. Manager, coach, player, he was at once to single donor.

Once some calm returned to Liberia with the assistance of the international community, he thought fit to continue its work in the political field. He then ran for the Presidency of the Republic. As if to say that something does not work well in this area and a new impetus is needed. That there is a general fed up that elicits a reaction of any citizen. Nigerian writer Wole Soyinka had enoughl this caporaliste Nigeria, corrupt. He went beyond the mere writing. Same might be said of George Weah the horror of armed groups who decimated his country. Liberia was torn. He decided to take the place of politicians in the hope of picking up the pieces to build a
new country by giving Liberia on ways viable states.

African celebrities have always been at the forefront of large self-determination movements for the emancipation of Africa. Unless we despise their job and their place in society by taking them for letting to – account. DRC can be cited as an example. In fact, in the 50s, Adou Elenga broke the ice by singing “Ata Ndele …”. Translate “Sooner or later.” He said that the history was irreversible; the inevitable and unavoidable change. He denounced as poor governance, the colonial oppression.  But then was arrested, thrown in jail, nothing helped. The time has come to give reason for his song remains of topical.



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