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China, Africa Boost Soft Power

by on May 16, 2014



China, Africa Boost Soft Power



The element of soft power model is chine new politic initiative, have been dramatically stepped up, in the past 5 years. China signed twenty two agreements on implementing cultural exchange programs with 17 African countries while more than ten are African countries sent over 20 government cultural delegations to China. About forty African cultural groups came to China for performance tour from 2001 to 2005, accounting for nearly half of the total number in the past five decades. Sino-African cultural exchanges in the new century festival  is featured with la cultural activities such as Sino-African Culture Year that China hosted in show of  2004 under the framework of the China-Africa Cooperation Forum.[1]

During the year, China received nine African art troupes and eight government cultural delegations while dispatching four art troupes and three exhibitions to Africa. Meanwhile, China and African countries carried out fruitful cooperation on human resources development in the cultural field. China sent 10 teams of experts and launched 14 workshops in African countries in the past five years, covering library science, dossier management, archeology, biology, dance and acrobatics, according to the Ministry of Culture. [2]


The Chinese government realizes importance of soft power and need for an improved international image of the country .In order to achieve it with China’s increasing economic and political influence in the world. Over the past decade China has organized and hosted several high profile international events, such as the Olympic Games in 2008 and the World Expo in 2010. However continue effort to Simultaneously , chine has intensified its efforts to promote Chinese culture and language overseas through setting up and financing the Confucius Institutes. As currently there are more than 300 Confucius Institutes all over the world, including one in Malaysia[3]. Some researchers describe Chine effort aspiration to enhance its soft power exercise. The theory concept of soft power is developed by Joseph Nye (1990) primary refers to the ability of a country to use its, attraction such resource rather than coercion to influence, other countries’ policies in order to achieve the desired results. Cultural attractiveness is regarded as one, of the important values in the concept of ‘soft power’.[4]





According to Corkin a resources credit analyst at Rand Merchant Bank in South Africa to Chines government has moderate there soft power strategy. China has become an important key player in African, both economically and political landscapes[5]. However, Chinese products still suffer from negative poor and quality in some African countries. China’s used the best method of soft power in Africa has a shorter history than the continent’s traditional, trading partners in western world. However, it is growing in strength. However it could lead a stage where the former colonial powers in Africa have already lost their influence. China has opened the new door up Africa by allowing many nations to see beyond their colonial masters as their most likely and most important benefactor.[6]












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